Light Cubes
Videomapping Stage Design / EFS

Dance, motion graphics, mobile screens and holographic projections to create a living and dynamic stage at the CaixaBank 2019 Management Convention.

Once again, Estudi Ferran Sendra puts its trust in Flop Work for the motion graphics production and the audiovisual technical development of the event. A changing and reconfigurable stage has been designed for this edition, which adapts to the different needs of the event. Holographic projections, motorized screens and LED strips, synchronized with the audiovisual content to generate magical effects.

A choreography is designed for the start of the convention, making the most of the possibilities offered by the stage design, in which digital dancers interact with the physical elements of the stage, solving a conceptual and esthetic puzzle.

Client: Estudi Ferran Sendra
Creative direction: Estudi Ferran Sendra
Stage design: Estudi Ferran Sendra
Motion graphics: Flop Work
Audiovisual techniques: Flop Work
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