Light Up Your Dreams with Simon
Interactive Videomapping / Simon

Intangibles, ephemerals and irrationals, these are "the dreams", the theme of DecorAcción for 2018, an event right in the center of Madrid, bringing together decorators, architects, designers, artists and the general public.

We made a proposal to Simon to make its participation in the event visible by using an interactive installation that offered a whole array of possibilities and combination by transforming the emblematic building of the Barrio de las Letras with light and color.
Simon asked us to design a media and interactive experience, in which its products would take center stage.

An emotional, multi-user intervention, that will connect with visitors and will motivate them to share the experience on social media.
Client: Simon
Description: DecorAcción 2018 Madrid
Conceptual design: Flop Work
Motion graphics: Flop Work
Technical development: Flop Work