PLOCAN’s future vision

Video for a Scientific and Technical Infrastructure

PLOCAN mission is to provide a cost-effective combination of services, data and access to the offshore multi-use platform, observatories and test site facilities that meet the upcoming scientific challenges of the oceans.

PLOCAN had the need to create an informative material to publicize the infrastructure at a local level but also at an international level.

All previous communications were based on the offshore ocean platform, but this time, all the potential generated around the platform had to be communicated. A 23 km2 test bed dedicated to research in the field of marine science and technology. The use of motion graphics allows us to make an aerial and underwater flight throughout the test bench and see the different projects that it can host.



Creative Direction:

Flop Work

Motion Graphics:

Flop Work

Script & VO

Jade de Robles & Flop Work

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