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Start up new branding

From start-up to scale-up: X1WIND new colorful brand identity

Founded by two MIT engineers, X1WIND proposes a revolutionary floating wind system, to take advantage of the enormous offshore wind resources located in deep waters, exponentially impacting the energy sector.

Since its creation in Flop Work we have accompanied them making videos and renderings for all of their communication. Now, as a consolidated scale up, the time has come to take a step forward and modernize the corporate image.

Scientific inspiration

The inspiration for the new identity comes from the Wind Atlases, where the direction and intensity of the majority wind in the different areas of the planet are represented. It is one of the tools used to search for potential sites for offshore wind farms.

Our main challenge has been to develop a different image, looking for a differentiating but technical language at the same time. The web has been focused on creating an informative portfolio, with different animations made to show the different advantages that its revolutionary design presents.



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